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Never Hold Another Forklift Safety Class Again.

Move your forklift safety training online and certify your operators in-person, at your convenience.


Because Your Time Is Valuable Too



» On Demand Forklift Certification

1-on-1 training takes a lot of time and often leaves you stressed about other work not completed during your day.

Don't interrupt your busy operations to maintain OSHA forklift compliance.

Whether you have one operator to certify or many, our online course is available 24/7 to ensure your operator's are safety certified as soon as possible.

Increase Operator Satisfaction

On average, operators spend 50% less time completing our hybrid forklift certification course than the traditional morning classroom and afternoon driving assessment training with other students.

How It Works

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1. Operators Sign Up For The Online Course

Share a single signup code with your operators to sign up online. No credit card required.

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2. Certify Their Driving Ability At Your Site

Verify your operators ability to operate a forklift safely in your workplace. 

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3. Issue Customized Digital OSHA Certificates

Use your dashboard to issue OSHA compliant certificates to your operators.

We're not like other online forklift certification courses.

Learning safe forklift operations is easier than ever with our step-by-step videos.

2-1/2 Hour Online Course.

Unlike other online courses that gloss over important safety topics and promise quick certification, we cover safety topics in-depth but efficiently.

Sit-down and Stand-up Forklifts

We'll cover the fundamentals of stability, balance, and capacity before teaching safe load handling techniques and the general rules of the road and more for sit-down and stand-up forklifts.

Focused On Practical Driving Assessments

OSHA requires a combination of formal instruction and practical, hands-on training 1910.178(I)(2)(ii).

Our process is built around saving your business time by moving the time-intensive safety class online and requiring a local trainer to certify your operator's safe driving ability— meeting OSHA's requirements for the workplace.

Let's get you started

Start online training at your business

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All the tools your business needs for OSHA compliance.

Our unique hybrid online/in-person course materials are ideal tools to streamline OSHA forklift safety compliance in your business.

Lift Operator Training Web Dashboard

Access an online dashboard to manage your operators.

Everything You Need To Certify Your Operators

Schedule specific times to test operator driving ability, view a list of all your operators, and issue certificates all from one dashboard portal.

After verifying your operator's safe driving ability, use your dashboard to issue custom digital certificates. PDFs are available for printing.

Coupon code entry

Sign up operators with your company-specific code.

No Credit Card Necessary.

There's no need to pass the company credit card operator to operator. Purchase the online course for any number of operators upfront and share a bulk code with your operators for easy signups.

Track Progress Dashboard

Track your operator's course progress.

Tools To Follow Up

Ensure your operators complete the online course before certifying their OSHA safety compliance. View individual operator information and course progress at any time.


That was so convenient. We took the test when we had a slow day and then you came to us for our hands-on training.

Glen S.
Minnesota, US

Online Training was quick and effective. We will be back again.

Daryl M.
Minnesota, US

It was such a quick turnaround and the course was informative. I feel much more confident now that I have a certificate.

Kristy V.
Minnesota, US

The most efficient forklift certification available.

Our customers love the reduced stress and time when maintaining their business' OSHA forklift compliance.

That was so convenient. We took the test when we had a slow day and then you came to us for our hands-on training.

Glen S.
Minnesota, US

Internal Trainer Package 

We're ready and happy to answer any questions to create a custom package for you!
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  • Access to online safety course
  • Access to your company dashboard
  • Issue custom safety certifications
  • Track operator course progress
  • Mobile friendly operator certificates

Start Using Online Training In Your Business Today!

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